Sensory Play Dough Kits

Sensory Play Dough Kits

Looking for something educational, hands on, creative and fun to keep your kiddos busy and entertained!!!
Why not try one of our Sensory Play Dough Kits today…featuring a huge variety of bits and pieces to discover and construct a world of your own in the theme of your choice :)

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Imagine It

lots of themes to choose from

Create It

sparking their creativity and imagination

Play It

play is kids work

Welcome to Go Kid Yourself

The concept behind our handmade . . . hands on Sensory Play Dough Kits is to provide a wide variety of “bits and pieces” that will delight and activate the senses.

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Handmade Sensory Play Dough Kits

Imagine It . . . Create It . . . Play It!

Work together with your child to discover . . .
What’s in the kit, how it could be used and what it could become?!

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